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we are bombarded with distractions daily! A distraction is anything that prevents you from giving full attention to something else (whatever something else means for you). Distractions come in all shapes and forms; in this blog series, I want to discuss distraction in the form of comparison. Someone once said that comparison is the thief of joy, this is so true! And there is nothing more socially dangerous than a sad distracted person. This kind of person is always negative! always complaining! Never content! This is the kind of person known as a hater! If you are currently a hater, I just want you to know that You cannot reap what you did not sow. Most importantly, what God has for you is for you, no matter how hard someone tries to replicate your work, they will not and cannot produce the same type of fruit. An apple cannot grow from a banana tree, it’s impossible!   We are often distracted from our purpose by assuming that we can yield the same results as others who are successfully reaping and flourishing in our desired field (or the field we assume we should be functioning in). When we pursue things solemnly on the benefits or how appealing it looks to the eyes, we are feeding into the system that all that shines is gold. One thing I have learned thus far in life is that ALL THAT SHINES IS NOT GOLD! You do not want anything that you will end up regretting or blaming God for.

Ways to avoid the comparison trap

  1. Seek out your purpose

What do you like? What brings you joy? What are you skilled at? Ponder upon these questions and devote yourself to well… yourself!

  1. Compliment! Compliment! Compliment!

The more you compliment others, the less you hate on them, I mean when you hate on someone it means you think they are better than you. So, complimenting them channels your negative energy into a more positive one.

  1. Be grateful

If need be, make more downward social comparisons. A downward social comparison is a psychological construct that means comparing yourself to others who are worse off than you (when psychology is obvious). When you do this, you are more appreciative of where you are in life and feel better about yourself.


Comparing yourself to others is a useless distraction, it produces no fruit. Well, it produces bad fruit. Don’t delay your blessing, free yourself from the distraction of comparison.


May the peace and love of God dwell richly in your hearts.

With love,


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